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Who are you BECOMING as a Leader?
Build your own Leadership Development Plan
  • Radically improve leadership, the lid on performance.
  • One year from today, you will be a better leader… or you won’t be. This is the program to ensure leadership growth personally and as an organization!
  • Our lives change when our habits change. How can some of history's greatest leaders and most effective leadership development programs help you create habits for success?
  • What pillars will you intentionally build into your personal leadership?
  • Learn a unique, simple, and very effective process to intentionally develop these traits in yourself and your teams.
  • Increase courage, clarity, belief, and teach-ability in your organization.
  • Dramatically improve engagement of your team and your customers.

Creative Leadership
  • Lessons from the most creative leaders and companies, especially Walt Disney!
  • Explore, practice, and apply the 6 qualities creative leadership to your own unique challenges.
  • Enhance the creative capacity of your organization.
  • Learn practical tools and strategies for taking your personal creativity to the next level.
  • Experience tools to consistently ask better and bigger questions, as leaders and as an organization.
  • Borrow best practices on employee engagement from legendary organizations.
  • Coach, Mentor, Motivate, and Inspire with new strategies.
  • Creativity is crucial in solving the challenges of tomorrow!
  • Get unstuck.

Emotional Intelligence
For Leaders, Businesses, Entrepreneurs, Parents, Schools, Childcare Providers
  • What is Emotional Intelligence (EI or EQ)?
  • How do emotions affect everything you do, every day?
  • Increase self-awareness, step 1 to developing higher EI.
  • Practical exercises, models, and tools for emotional mastery.
  • Become more confident and effective when interacting with colleagues, clients, team members, family... all personalities!
  • Defuse tense situations, mediate conflicts. Learn to keep emotions in check - yours and others'.
  • Explore a simple and effective model to create new habits.
  • Gain revealing insights into why people act the way they do. - Understand the leadership and EI overlap.
  • Handle irrational thinking and overcome negative emotions.
  • Learn the process to master emotional (amygdala) hijacks.
  • Grow professionally and personally to become a leader in your field.
  • Take your most important relationships to the next level.

Leadership Coaching Process
  • Building great leaders who build great organizations - we help develop your leaders while simultaneously working to improve your organization's bottom line.

Build a Bike and Your Team
  • Incorporates great leadership lessons.

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