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"Creative Leadership: Building a Culture of Innovation" continues to be one of our most popular keynotes and workshops. It can be delivered in many formats – as an engaging keynote, a breakout workshop, or a full day immersion.

Walt Disney’s last… biggest… and unrealized dream!

Walt Disney was one of the most creative leaders of the last century. What were the 5 traits that fueled his creativity? What tools did Disney use to create an organization that brought out the creativity of each member?

This unique “Lessons from Legends” workshop leaves participants challenging the limits that they’ve allowed to hold the organization’s creativity at bay.

“In times of change the learners inherit the earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.”
~ Eric Hoffer

Is this one of the most rapidly changing times in history? Are you creative enough to flourish in this environment?

One year from today, you will be more creative in your leadership role… or you won’t be. You will have created a culture that encourages more creativity… or not. Your team will exhibit more of the 6 traits… or they won’t.

The lessons, mindsets, and strategies from this program will stick with you and your team for the rest of your careers.

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