Jonathan Fanning


Great Leaders Have One Word In Common

What ONE WORD do the greatest leaders all have in common? Is it part of your leadership? You look for this word in people before giving them permission to influence you. So do I.

People want to know that this ONE word is central to your leadership before they decide if they will follow you. The 5 minutes you invest in watching this may impact the way you lead for the rest of your life. How will your leadership improve around this one word over the next year? Look at a few of your key relationships - with co-workers, friends, family - and ask a few questions: "What does this person need from me in order to become who he or she is capable of becoming?" "How can I serve that need?" Look at a few of your most important causes/missions, and ask: "What does this mission need most from me?" "How well am I serving that need?"

Who are you helping those around you to BECOME? The circus tent analogy starting at 2:44 in the video has helped my leadership perspective tremendously. Who are you helping those around you to BECOME? I hope that you will build this one word into the way you live and lead. I hope this message serves you on your leadership journey!

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