Jonathan Fanning


William Wilberforce's Mission

What is your sentence? William Wilberforce, at the age of 28, penned these bold words: "God Almighty has set before me two great objects, the suppression of the slave trade and the reformation of manners [Character Development]." For the next 47 years, Wilberforce would completely dedicate his life to the pursuit of this sentence. Just three days before his death, he was notified that British Parliament had just passed the Slavery Abolition Act. The inspiring film, Amazing Grace (titled after the song written by Wilberforce's mentor and former slave ship captain, John Newton) shares some of this powerful story. Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass both believed that every school child in America should know the great character of William Wilberforce.

What is your sentence? Perhaps you start with a few words or phrases. Over a decade ago, I wrote simply, "Wake people up!" It was a start. Serve, Inspire, Challenge - these words seemed to belong, as well. A phrase my wife started with: "Heal souls." What words or phrases might your sentence contain? Talk about this with friends, colleagues, and family this week.

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