Jonathan Fanning


MLK - Role Models

Who are your role models? Why? What do you really know about their story? How will you let their example affect your life? I spoke in Jacksonville, Mississippi, the day after visiting the Lorraine Motel. When I asked the audience how many considered MLK a good role model, every hand was raised. My next question was, "Have you read at least one of King's books?" only a few responded that they had. How often is this the case? What did King read? How did he best learn? How did he facilitate meetings? What did he do to recharge? Dr. King studied human nature throughout his entire life. He was taken from this world at the age of 39, but was still seeking a deeper understanding of working with people. This challenges me.

Human nature includes communicating with your spouse, your children, your siblings, co-workers, people in your community, customers, everyone. Have I stopped studying human nature? Martin Luther King, Jr. never did. What role models do you hold up to those around you? What part of their story do you share?

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