Jonathan Fanning


Ray Kroc - Mastery of the French Fry & McDonald's

How will you let this example affect your life? Master something. Start today. Perhaps it's listening, communicating, sharing a compelling story, getting people around you to think, emailing more concisely... Perhaps it's creating an atmosphere of learning in your home or organization, or learning how to get yourself more engaged, focused, calm. Ray Kroc dedicated three months to mastering the french fry. Imagine if every meeting you attended were run by someone who had invested three months in mastering the art of building an effective agenda. Imagine if your boss, peer, or or spouse invested three months to master the fine art of showing appreciation.

I had the chance to give a keynote speech for McDonald's recently and so many of their veteran leaders shared similar stories about Kroc's commitment to mastering the basics. Pick something to master and get started.

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