Jonathan Fanning


I Dropped my Phone at Stonehenge!

I wish I could say that it didn't happen... or that my immediate response was absolutely wonderful (emotionally composed, professional, etc.). It was a full day, beyond full. We were shooting a video you may have seen called "EQ and Driving on the Wrong Side of the Road." I had several clients to visit outside of London that week, and my mind was overflowing with thoughts and plans. When I decided to take a quick video clip of a display near Stonehenge, I didn't pause any of my activities, thoughts, or even the brisk walk. As I turned the phone around and turned it on in a one handed motion, it slipped from my hand, turned in the air, and crashed to the rocky ground. Two beautiful cracks across the entire screen. The phone was only a few weeks old and I don't get phone cases - because I don't drop phones. For the next hour and a half, I wasn't exactly thrilled about dropping my new phone, but then I started to laugh out loud.

My realization was simple and profound. I drop phones more often that I want to admit. Much more often. But what I drop is not actually phones, it's other things. You see, my schedule can get very full and things get dropped. It might be my focus, my patience, or even a relationship. I drop things because I have too much going on. What if that dropped phone wasn't a phone, but was one of the most important relationships in my life? Or one of the most important projects? As I write this, I am in the middle of writing my third book. What if the focus on the book gets dropped? My question for myself - and for you - where are you dropping phones? What gets dropped in your life because you are too busy? Have you decided which parts of your life are too precious to drop? I hope this thought adds value to your leadership journey!

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